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Cells, Tissues and Disease
Cells, Tissues, and Disease. Principles of General Pathology. Guido Majno and Isabelle Joris
Oxford University Press, USA; 2 edition (August 26, 2004) 1040 pages; 552 color & 599 b/w illus.
You can get it on

This is what I consider "The Book of Secrets"

This book is the basis and inspiration for this site.

Note: Many physicians "learn" diseases as a collection of symptoms and signs, without a real comprehension of what is really going on. But all diseases start with changes at the cell level. For those physicians who lack this knowledge, take a comfortable chair, go to your backyard or to the beach, sip coffee, tea or a good drink, relax (for a change) and refresh your understanding of diseases. this book is for you!. (Disclaimer: I have no financial or other gains whatsoever for writing the above)

Sorry Folks !

Those very popular and otherwise superb multi-authored cardiology textbooks have, shockingly, NO chapter on shock!!!